About The Chess Malt Collection

The Chess Malt Collection®

There is history in the bottles

Scottish history has always been about great battles, powerful Kings and Queens, cunning moves, and stunning castles. It is about noble clansmen and brutal conquerors, religious domination by fanatical bishops, but also about strategic thinkers and philosophers.

Today Scotland is a great nation, with warm people and a wonderful history that always has been fascinating and complex. The history of Scotland has been like one long complicated game of chess.

The Chess Malt Collection® is a celebration of Scottish history and the proud people of this great nation.

With The Chess Malt Collection® you will have the opportunity to collect pieces of Scottish history in bottles. In the coming years you will be able to collect each of the 32 chess pieces as a beautiful Single Malt Scotch Whisky bottling. In black and white with a fantastic presentation, you will have two kings, two queens, four rooks, four knights, four bishops and no less than sixteen pawns.

32 Single Malt Whiskies all represented in different form through different distilleries, different ages, different regions and from different cask types in different strengths.

All whiskies in The Chess Malt Collection® are bottled as Single Casks at cask strength without any added colour or chill filtration. These are the raw and clean drops right from the cask.

It will be a masterful game to play.